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Protection Levels

Pace Armoured offers our clients two levels of protection: the entry-level B4 and the more comprehensive B6. It is important to select the correct protection level based on the perceived threat to your safety.  Ensuring that you have the right level of protection is both very important and potentially lifesaving.

Here is a comparison of our B4 and B6 armoured vehicles.

B4 Vehicle Armour Protection

The B4 protection level suits day-to-day threats i.e. crime typically committed with handguns, including hijackings, smash and grabs, road rage and less serious crimes.  Our vehicles fitted with B4 armour protection will be able to handle this threat level.

Since B4 armouring is lighter than B6, this option is a good choice for all vehicle types.

B6 Vehicle Armour Protection

Due to the increase in kidnapping cases, families who are concerned about the safety of their loved ones, heads of state, royalty, diplomats, government officials, business executives, influential people or any other individual concerned about a more serious threat to their safety, such as those posed by organised crime units or multinational syndicates, may want to consider one of our B6 vehicles. The B6 bullet resistant vehicle offers protection from most common assault rifles like the AK-47.

Since B6 armouring is heavier than the entry-level B4, it is more suited, but not exclusive to larger vehicles such as SUVs and bakkies with more powerful engines and heavy duty suspensions.

A SUV or bakkie that is fitted with our comprehensive armouring and run flat tyres has more capability to force its way through barricades or over pavements/sidewalks and other obstacles towards safety.

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